How to prepare your flowers

Preparing and caring for your flowers is the most important step in creating your memorialized jewelry.

First, fill out an order form for each piece of jewelry you would like to place. For orders of 10 or more, contact us through phone or email. After completing the form(s), you may go forward with the flower drying process, if applicable.

We will only collect your flowers when they are completely DRIED OUT. Be sure to first, enjoy your beautiful flowers. As soon as your flowers begin to wilt, please start the drying process.

The goal is to get rid of the moisture completely. The flowers have to be 100% dry to avoid molding and to also keep their pigmentation in your jewelry piece. The best way to completely dry out your flowers is to hang them upside down in a room with little sunlight and no moisture.

Once your flowers are completely dried, store them in a paper bag. NO PLASTIC. You will know that your flowers are completely dried when they feel like paper.

If your flowers have been dried for years, this is okay! We can use any flowers, as long as they are dried and not moldy.

Once you put in an order we will contact you with an address for the flower retrieval process. Then your work is done!