About Us

A message from Natalie and Talia…

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website! We are so grateful for everyone’s support.

When our best friend tragically passed away, we wanted to make memorialized jewelry in her honor out of the flowers from her funeral service as a gift to her family. Throughout the process of creating the pieces, so dear to our heart, we discovered a passion for creating jewelry. We then decided to create Frozen in Time Jewelry. Our goal is to design a piece of jewelry for you or your loved ones in remembrance of a special time, place or person to wear and cherish forever.

This is more than just a business to us, it is a passion and a love that we want to share with others. We aim to make our customers feel a sense of comfort wearing our jewelry. We hope that our jewelry reminds our customers of a happy memory –

“frozen in time.”

Above are photos of us (Natalie & Talia) and our best friend Mary. To know Mary was to love her. Mary was a loving daughter, sister and friend. She was a skilled athlete, intelligent student and an aspiring nurse. Mary was and always will be our best friend and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.